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Dear friends, we invite you to a journey, the emotions of which will stay with you for a long time! We have already met whales in Kamchatka and the Shantar Islands, in Svalbard and in Mexico. But perhaps one of the best places on the planet where you can swim side by side with whales is the kingdom of Tonga, lost in the Pacific Ocean. Humpback whale migration routes from Antarctica pass by these islands every year, here females give birth and raise their cubs, and this place is rightfully considered the best in the world for observing whales in their natural habitat.

I am waiting for us for 8 days filled with the boundless ocean, the southern sun, colorful local sights and local cuisine. Rich flora and fauna, snow-white beaches, coral reefs and… swimming with humpback whales! During the trip, you will have the opportunity to stroke a humpback whale, look into his eyes, see a little whale and hear whales sing. Oh, this is something incredible and you may also be lucky to hear these charming


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Expedition route

The first day of the trip

W-expeditions travel experts will meet you at the airport. After customs formalities and baggage collection, group transfer to the hotel.

After settling in and relaxing, we will take a walk around the evening city. Perhaps the first thing that catches everyone’s eye is some locals, or rather their attire, which at first glance look suspiciously like bags, however, this strange outfit is the national dress of the Tonganians. After the walk, we will look into one of the restaurants. Let’s try the local cuisine and get to know each other better.

Included: transfer, overnight at the hotel

The second day of the trip

We get up early, have a quick breakfast, grab wetsuits, masks, snorkels, fins and waterproof equipment – and go swimming with whales. On board, we will get acquainted with the captains and safety rules, as well as local guides who will be with us in the water, and it depends on how accurately you follow their orders, how exactly our acquaintance with whales will take place.

*if you are seasick, we recommend taking anti-motion sickness medications in advance.

At the pier we are divided into 2 groups and go out to sea. The weather will decide our direction, but in any case we will see whales! If there are rough waves in the sea, then we will go to the sea reefs in shallow water, and if the ocean is calm, then we will go into open water. We begin to look out for whales. Having noticed the fountain, local guides evaluate whether it is worth getting acquainted with this whale now or waiting for another one. As soon as the guide makes his choice, the first group jumps into the water and swims to the whale, observing a safe distance, waiting for what the whale will do – swim away or show interest and desire to get to know each other better. If the whale swims away, the group returns to the boat and waits for another one, and if it shows interest, the group stays with the whale for 15-20 minutes, and then changes with another group. The exchange of groups continues as long as the whale remains in one place, but no more than 90 minutes allowed by the rules.

Then we will have lunch on a desert island or in another quiet place. After a hearty lunch, we continue to search for whales and swim with these giants. From the boat’s exit to the port, it should not take more than 7 hours to return, so at about 16:00 we disembark at the pier and go to the hotel to relax. In the evening we go to a show with a tasting of local food.

Tongan cuisine tastes very close to us in spirit. For example: baked suckling pig, fish cooked on coals, rice, vegetables, etc. After dinner, we watch a traditional show with local dances, songs on the themes of the legendary heroes of Polynesia. After the gastronomic show, we return to the hotel to have a good rest.

Included: breakfast, lunch box, whale watching tour, overnight at the hotel

The third day of the trip

Sundays are a day off on the island — captains, boats, guides and even whales have a day off. So we can sleep longer today, have a leisurely breakfast, and then go to get acquainted with the island and its sights. We will visit the royal palace, where six monarchs of Tonga lived — five kings and one queen. Let’s admire the local Stonehenge, take a look at the locals and their way of life. We will definitely make photo stops in the most interesting places, sunbathe and just enjoy the beautiful views.

First of all, we will go to the royal palace. Its construction was completed in 1867, and it was built for King George Tupou I, who is the founder of the ruling dynasty. The palace is notable for being built from the legendary New Zealand cowrie tree, and also for the fact that it was first built in the capital of New Zealand — Auckland, but then it was dismantled and transported to Tonga. Our next stop is the stone gate. The purpose of this structure is still not clear, neither researchers nor locals can answer unequivocally for what purpose the ancient islanders erected them. We only know that they were installed about 800 years ago, and also that they were carved on the island of Uvea, located at a distance of 800 km from Tonga, and then they were brought by sea on special rafts. Let’s listen to local legends about brave navigators, the god of Maui and try to build our own version of why the ancient inhabitants of these islands erected this local Stonehenge.

Let’s go to the coast, here in the coral reefs the sea has formed hundreds of channels-holes that throw out 30-meter jets of water during tides. We will drive a little further and look into a large cave with stalactites and an underground lake with refreshing fresh water, in which you can enjoy a dip while the heat is sultry. After refreshing ourselves, we will go to another local attraction — the huge Tsunami rock, and on the way we will pass the place where Captain Cook once landed, and also admire the funny local pigs who learned to catch small fish, crabs and other small animals interspersed with algae in shallow water during low tide. We will return to the hotel in the evening, have dinner and go to rest. Tomorrow we’re going to the whales again!

Included: breakfast, island tour, overnight at the hotel

The fourth day of the trip

Wake up at 7 am, have a quick breakfast and run to the pier! It was not for nothing that we flew to Tonga to chat with whales. This archipelago of islands has a unique feature — it is here that humpback whales migrate from Antarctica and back every year, in these waters females give birth and raise their young.

Despite the large concentration of whales in the ocean, it will not be possible to swim with them just like that. The Government of the kingdom strictly monitors this tourist destination and it is allowed to swim with whales only with a licensed operator on a licensed boat and with a licensed guide. Otherwise, big problems. Our day will be similar to yesterday. We will find whales, swim with them, have lunch in the sea, and return to our pier later in the evening. We’ll go to one of the restaurants for dinner. After dinner we will go to rest, tomorrow we will have an early rise again.

Included: breakfast, lunch box, whale watching tour, overnight at the hotel

The fifth day of the trip

Early rise. The morning passes according to the already familiar pattern: breakfast, short fees and we go to the pier. Today we will spend the whole day looking for whales, taking photos and of course swimming next to them! It’s very cool when a huge 15-meter humpback whale is very close, does not swim away, looks at you, waves its fins, sticks out of the water, beats its tail, pokes its nose at you!!!

In the evening we return to the hotel. At dinner, we will share our impressions and the most successful photos.

Included: breakfast, lunch box, whale watching tour, overnight at the hotel

The sixth day of the trip

Today we have another wonderful day that we will spend together with the whales. We will listen to their songs and admire their grace. Whales, despite their size, are excellent swimmers and are absolutely non-aggressive. They can swim two feet away from you or wave their huge fins right in front of you, but they are well aware that they can harm a person, and therefore behave very carefully. An incredible experience!

Included: breakfast, lunch box, whale watching tour, overnight at the hotel

Seventh day of the trip

We stick to our schedule: early rise, quick packing and go to the whales. «To hear the singing of whales, to be with them is not just a delight, it is the birth of a new you» — this is how the participants of the trip to the whales respond. And also – «The delight that you experience when you are in close contact with whales cannot be described in words!» We don’t know anything else that could be at least a little closer to whales in terms of emotions!

In the evening we will gather for a joint dinner. We will exchange impressions and emotions, photos and make plans for upcoming trips.

Included: breakfast, lunch box, whale watching tour, overnight at the hotel

The eighth day of the trip

Immediately after breakfast, group transfer to the airport. At parting, traditional friendly hugs and wishes for speedy meetings!

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