To go on a trip, you need:
  1. Decide which country and which of the proposed routes you would like to go to!
    • If you find it difficult to choose, then contact us — we will help!
  2. Find out the answers to all your questions
    • You can ask them to us using one of the following contacts
  3. Send us an online application
    • Write to e-mail: (what is your name, when and where do you want to go on a trip)
    • Write to one of the messengers: Telegram or Whats App Telegram или Whats App 
    • Or call the number00 17787109889 
    • We will contact you, inform you about the availability of seats and answer all your questions
    This is important!

    Before making a prepayment /payment under the Contract, be sure to read the information provided in the sections: «What you need to know», «What awaits us», «Security», «What else needs to be taken into account» and «Additionally» on the page of the selected tour:

    • about the conditionality of classification of accommodation facilities and features of accommodation facilities in the country (place) of temporary stay;
    • on the requirements imposed by the authorized bodies for entry and exit documents;
    • about the need to purchase medical insurance and about the terms of insurance;
    • about the conditions of accommodation and meals in the accommodation facility, about the procedure for providing excursions;
    • about the rules of conduct during the provision of ground service;
    • about possible difficulties associated with not knowing the language of communication of the host country;
    • about the state of the natural environment in the recreation area and about the specifics of weather conditions;
    • about the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country (place) of temporary stay;
    • about the dangers that can be encountered during the provision of ground service;
    • about what medical measures (including vaccinations) are necessary to enter the country (place) of temporary stay.
  4. Conclude a contract
    • We appreciate your time — the contract can be concluded via e-mail: (our agreement is legally binding when transmitted via any Internet resources).
  5. Pay for the trip
    • This can be done by bank transfer to the organization’s account.
    • Payment, as a rule, takes place in 2 stages (prepayment – from 10%, the remaining amount – two weeks before the start of the trip).
    • If suddenly you can’t go on a trip, the money is returned according to the contract.
  6. Insurance
    • We recommend that you take out insurance «Cancellation of the trip Plus» (against departure)
  7. Air and railway tickets
    • Tickets must be purchased only refundable!
    • Before purchasing tickets, contact us and we will tell you how the rest of the participants are going.
    • We can also help you purchase a railway or air ticket. If you need any help, please contact us!

And then the most pleasant thing, we begin to prepare for the journey!

Some useful tips:

  1. Make a list of things you need to travel (based on our recommendations and the things that are really available).
  2. Cross out everything superfluous and leave only the necessary!
  3. Buy or borrow from friends all the missing (new things and especially shoes should not be taken, they need to be carried first)!
  4. A couple of days before departure to pack your things. Don’t fit? — Read paragraph 2!

Any other questions?

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