Dear friends, we invite you to Mexico — a country where the sun shines for over three hundred and thirty days a year, where the inhabitants are very friendly and cheerful, a country of tropical jungles and deserts, a country with a great historical heritage and incredible diversity of unusual cultures. During our journey, we will encounter breathtaking slopes of picturesque canyons, majestic waterfalls, awe-inspiring lagoons, and mesmerizing nature reserves whose fauna and flora will amaze even the most seasoned traveler. Here, we will become acquainted with the most famous archaeological monuments of pre-Columbian civilization and colonial architecture, walking through the territories of ancient cities amidst millennia-old pyramids in the jungles.

We will stroll along the paths and staircases leading to nowhere in the surrealistic garden of Edward James. We will visit one of the largest caves, known as the heroine of the films «Sanctum» and «The Shallows,» with its hundreds of thousands of winged inhabitants. We will visit the most beautiful cities and magnificent haciendas, dancing to the music of mariachi and singing traditional songs. We will head to the Pacific coast to swim with whale sharks and dive with sea lions. We will experience the everyday life of the locals, immerse ourselves in Mexican cuisine, and sample drinks from the finest winemakers. We assure you that the beauty of this land, unique culture, and centuries-old traditions will not leave you indifferent and will forever remain a warm memory in your heart of a beautifully spent time in the company of kindred spirits!


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Expedition route

The first day of the trip

Welcome to Mexico! At the airport (MEX), you will be greeted by the staff of W-Expeditions. After collecting your luggage, we will immediately depart for the hotel in a comfortable minibus. After the transatlantic flight, we recommend taking a good rest and rejuvenating for the upcoming adventures.

Since today is dedicated to acclimatization and rest after the flight, all activities are optional. If you still have energy, you can take a stroll around the city. Enjoy your relaxation time and have dinner.

Included: airport transfer, excursion, one night in the hotel.

The second day of the trip

The adventures begin: the drivers wake up early, check and prepare the vehicles for the trip. Then we have a quick breakfast, put on our hiking shoes, don’t forget our hats, cameras, water bottles, and bring a positive attitude. We settle into our cars and head to a truly unique place — the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

Our route will take us through picturesque hills and vast forests. In this untouched natural oasis, there is an incredible and relaxing atmosphere, lush greenery, azure waters, and millions of butterflies. Upon arrival, we will embark on a two-hour trek, during which we will witness a forest where not a single tree or bush is visible, as there are so many butterflies that they hang in clusters. Believe me, it is an amazing sight to behold.

After returning from the trek, we will change our clothes, have lunch at a cozy café, and then set off to explore the city. Mexico City — at one time, it was home to the famous artist Frida Kahlo, her husband Diego Rivera, and many other representatives of the fine arts. During our walk, we will visit the center of Coyoacan, known for its famous fountain with coyotes, the 16th-century Catholic cathedral, and the souvenir market. The charming low houses in the streets of the neighborhood add a special charm to this place!

The famous blue house — Frida Kahlo’s house — has now been transformed into a very atmospheric museum. It is worth visiting not only for fans of the artist’s work but also for anyone interested in world culture. It is no wonder that people from all walks of life around the world have heard of this incredible woman with a complex destiny. Our final destination will be the Xochimilco district, where there are water canals built by the Aztecs, spanning over 25 kilometers in total. We will take the opportunity to ride in a boat and enjoy the evening cityscape.

Included: breakfast, excursions, one night in the hotel.

The third day of the trip

We don’t linger in our beds because the earlier we arrive, the more time we can spend in Teotihuacan and Tula. Teotihuacan is known as the «City of the Gods» or the «Place where the gods touched the earth,» which is how it was named when it was discovered by the Aztecs. They saw almost the same thing that we do now. Teo is how modern Mexicans lovingly refer to this place.

To this day, scientists cannot say with certainty why the city was abandoned, but it is known for certain that the city was built by representatives of a powerful civilization at the beginning of a new era. Their high level of knowledge in mathematics and astronomy continues to amaze researchers. We will then explore the Citadel, Palaces, and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. We will walk along the «Avenue of the Dead» and, of course, admire the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.

Then we will head to the city of Tula (yes, there is Tula in Mexico too), the historical center of the ancient Toltec civilization that emerged in Central America long before the European discovery of the New World. One of the most well-preserved structures there is the majestic Pyramid of the Morning Star, atop which stands a group of five-meter stone sculptural figures of warriors that once supported the roof of the temple.

For a complete experience, we will have lunch at a restaurant serving traditional Mexican cuisine. Here, we will be treated to delicacies such as caterpillars, ant caviar, and other exotic dishes. However, for those who may not be inclined towards such offerings, there are also European dishes available on the menu.

Well, archaeological impressions for today are more than enough, it’s time to relax and unwind. And the place for our overnight stay is perfect for that. We are heading to a canyon with natural hot springs. Here, there are special pools, baths, and even a cave sauna — what more do we need for complete relaxation after a busy day of sightseeing?

Included in our package are breakfast, an excursion, and a night at the hotel, so we can enjoy every moment of this amazing adventure.

The fourth day of the trip

Today, you can sleep in a bit longer if you’d like, although it’s also a great opportunity to wake up early and take a leisurely walk through the fantastic forest along the banks of the warm river. Alternatively, you can simply relax in the outdoor hot baths and enjoy the fresh air — the choice is yours! After breakfast, we’ll gather our belongings, load them into the cars, and hit the road.

We will arrive in Hilitl by evening, have dinner, and then rest for the night, as tomorrow another incredible day awaits us.

Included: breakfast, overnight stay in a hotel

The fifth day of the trip

Today we will have an extraordinary day as we embark on a journey into the world of fantasy, dreams, surrealism, and Salvador Dali’s vivid paintings.

The garden is called Jardín Surrealista de Edward James, created by the English poet, collector, and patron Edward James, influenced by Leonora Carrington and Salvador Dali. Here, intricate arches connect steep spiral staircases leading to nowhere, stone flowers adorned with living blooms embellish whimsical concrete structures. One can wander through this garden for a long time, discovering new details of this imagined and strangely manifested world.

After lunch and some rest, we will head to the famous Sotano De Las Golondrinas — the Cave of Swallows. This cave is the second largest in Mexico. From the outside, it looks like a massive hole in the ground with a diameter of 60 meters and a depth of 333 meters. Surrounding it are dense deciduous forests inhabited by badgers, squirrels, raccoons, mountain deer, various reptile species, and colorful songbirds with exquisite plumage. However, we are not here for that. We need to wait for sunset, and that’s when something incredible happens: tens, if not hundreds of thousands of birds will simultaneously return to their nests. Just imagine, huge flocks of birds diving at high speeds almost vertically into the depths of the cave. It is an unforgettable spectacle! We will spend the evening in a cozy café, enjoying a delicious dinner and sharing stories about our adventures.

Included: breakfast, excursion, overnight stay in a hotel.

The sixth day of the trip

Today we have transfers and many stops for photo sessions in incredibly beautiful places. Right after breakfast, we will head to San Sebastián Bernal. If before this, we were in large colonial cities, now we have before us a «pueblo mágico,» a small and charming town.

Included: breakfast, transfers, photo sessions, overnight stay in a hotel.

The Mexican government has even established a special program to promote such «magical towns» — lesser-known places that undoubtedly deserve attention for their natural beauty, cultural richness, traditions, folklore, and historical significance. A significant place in Bernal is the Peña de Bernal — a grandiose monolith in the Mexican Cordilleras, one of the largest monoliths in the world. We will stroll along the paths amidst cacti and admire the city from a bird’s-eye view.

Our next destination will be Querétaro, a city of churches and fountains, with its paved streets and parks adorned with intricately trimmed trees and bushes. The entire central part, known as the Old Town, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, you can endlessly wander through narrow streets, admire the baroque elements in architecture, listen to street musicians, and indulge in ice cream — possibly the most delicious in all of Mexico! After a delightful dinner in the rays of the setting sun, feeling tired and satisfied, we will head to a wonderful Mexican hacienda for a restful night.

Included: breakfast, guided tour, overnight stay in a hotel.

Seventh day of the trip

Today we have planned a visit to one of the most famous cities in central Mexico — San Miguel de Allende. Its entire central part is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and according to the prestigious publication Conde Nast Traveler, the city is considered the «best small city for travel in the world.» Additionally, we will explore waterfalls, taste cheeses from one of Mexico’s finest farms, and visit the culinary capital, Guanajuato, all while enjoying the picturesque slopes and mountain pastures. Along the way, we will make photo stops and simply marvel at the incredible landscapes!

By evening, we will arrive in «two-story» Guanajuato. As it seems to us, it is one of the most unusual cities in Mexico. We will explore all the attractions tomorrow, but today we will relax and rest well to start our exploration of this peculiar city and its surroundings with full energy in the morning.

Included: breakfast, guided tour, overnight stay in a hotel.

The eighth day of the trip

We wake up early, have a quick breakfast, and set off to meet the locals and explore the city whose name translates to «hilly place where frogs live.» We don’t know anything about frogs, haven’t seen any, but there are indeed many hills. In fact, the entire city is built on hills, which has influenced the unique urban architecture: the streets are narrow and winding, often transforming into steps and staircases. The houses are frequently built in a way that entering from the ground floor on one street, you can climb two flights of stairs and exit onto another street… still on the ground floor. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

We’ll start our walk from an absolutely breathtaking viewpoint. The panoramas that unfold before us are so stunning that it takes our breath away, and for the first 5-10 minutes, everyone usually remains silent, just taking in the view before they start taking photos and posing. After enjoying the beauty, we’ll stroll through the picturesque streets and alleyways. The city has a complex topography, and to facilitate movement, a whole system of tunnels (over 40 of them) was built beneath the city. It consists of its own streets, alleys, traffic lights, and even bus stops. It’s like a city within a city, or more accurately, beneath the city.

At one time, the city was incredibly wealthy. Enormous silver deposits were discovered here, and in the 18th century, the La Valenciana mine alone accounted for one-third of the world’s silver production. Thanks to this wealth, the churches and cathedrals built during that time are considered some of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture in Central and South America. In addition to the beautiful and grand buildings, the city is filled with countless alleys—arcaded, with staircases, and tunnels. Moreover, the most famous alley here is called the Alley of the Kiss. According to legend, a rich family lived here, and their daughter fell in love with a poor miner. The lovers secretly devised a way to kiss each other while standing on neighboring balconies, which almost touch each other.

After enjoying our walk, we’ll head to a cozy cafe for lunch, take a little rest, and then we have the Callejoneada tradicional awaiting us—an interactive costume tour and show led by local residents. Dressed in traditional costumes and carrying musical instruments, they will guide us through the central streets of the city. They will dance, sing Mexican folk songs, and share stories about the history of the place. In return, we’ll have the opportunity to drink tequila or mezcal from small pitchers and enthusiastically sing along with the performers.

In the evening, tired yet satisfied, we will return to our hotel, looking forward to the next day’s adventures.

Included: breakfast, excursion, overnight stay in the hotel.

The ninth day of the journey

As usual, we will wake up early, have breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee, check out of our rooms, and embark on a new and unexplored journey. Because we are heading to Tequila, and now it’s not just about the drink, but also about one of the most important and famous cities in the state of Jalisco, a national landmark of Mexico.

The surroundings of this city are home to the largest agave fields (the plant used to make tequila), as well as most of the distilleries that produce it. We won’t miss this wonderful opportunity and will arrange a small photoshoot right in one of these fields. The shots will turn out to be very picturesque.

Upon arriving in the city of Tequila, our first step will be to check into the hotel. Then we’ll embark on a tour with a tasting at the La Rojena distillery, owned by the world-renowned brand Jose Cuervo. This is the oldest distillery in the region, and its owners claim that the first tequila in the world was produced here in 1795. After the tour, we’ll have lunch, take a short rest, and then go for a stroll in the city. Besides the distilleries, there are many other interesting things to see and explore.

Included: breakfast, tour, overnight stay at the hotel.

Tenth day of the trip

Today, one part of our journey comes to an end and another begins. We rise early, have a quick breakfast, check out of our hotel, and head to the historic city of Guadalajara — the second largest city in Mexico, known for its abundance of gardens and parks. It is often referred to as the «City of Roses» and the «Pearl of the West.»

To better understand the history, traditions, and local folklore, we will drive through the historic part of the city, visit its landmarks, and then head to the airport.

Upon completing the brief formalities at the airport, we will board a one-and-a-half-hour flight and arrive on the Southern California peninsula. We will collect our rental cars and head to the town of Loreto. We will reach the town in the evening, check into our hotel, have dinner, and relax.

Included: breakfast, domestic flight, overnight stay at the hotel.

The eleventh day of the journey

Today, those who wish can have a bit of rest, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and explore the local attractions. As for the more adventurous souls, we suggest heading to Coronado Island for some underwater diving. The Gulf of California is renowned for its diverse marine life. Jacques Cousteau once called the Sea of Cortez the «world’s aquarium,» and for good reason. It is home to over 40% of the fish and marine mammal species found in the entire Pacific Ocean. Additionally, the local sea lions are known for their impressive size, resembling more of a walrus.

We will have lunch and continue our journey. We have to cover a distance of 410 kilometers, and along the way, we will make stops at beautiful places and small coves to take memorable photos and even go for a swim if desired. In the evening, we will arrive in Guerrero Negro. That’s enough adventure for today; we will check into the hotel, have dinner, and rest. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be full of incredible experiences.

Included: breakfast, night in a hotel

*The sea excursion to see the seals is not included and will be paid separately.

The twelfth day of the journey

We wake up early and head to the coast right after breakfast. We need to arrive as early as possible because whales tend to dive deeper into the water during the midday. Whale spouts are often visible from the shore, and it frequently happens that as soon as the boat sets off, a curious whale calf approaches, eager to get a closer look. As you can imagine, the emotions during these moments are simply overwhelming.

«Guerrero Negro» translates from Spanish as «Black Warrior.» It was the name of a ship built in 1825 in Massachusetts and sold to whalers in Hawaii. On November 28, 1858, it entered a narrow strait separating the Pacific Ocean and Ojo de Liebre Lagoon, but ten days later, it was wrecked due to a sudden storm. The ship arrived here for a reason — a year earlier, whaler Charles Melville Scammon had tracked gray whales in this area. Thus began the predatory exploitation of natural resources — whales were ruthlessly hunted. By the 1930s, they had been virtually eradicated. Only in the 1970s did whales slowly start returning here, perhaps due to genetic memory. People decided not to repeat the mistakes of the past and established a sanctuary called «Don’t Kill the Whale» in 1988.

Out of all three whale lagoons in Baja California, this one is the most densely populated by whales. Typically, three to five thousand individuals gather near the shores annually, and approximately 900 calves are born. We’ll have a real opportunity not only to touch the whales but also to play games like peek-a-boo and belly rubs with them. The bravest among us might even get a chance to kiss a whale! After lunch, those interested can join an excursion to the world’s largest salt mining plant. Alternatively, we can visit an old lighthouse where we can capture some memorable photos.

Included: breakfast, whale safari, excursion, overnight stay in a hotel.

The thirteenth day of the journey

Rise and shine, breakfast awaits, and yes, we’re heading back to the whales!

In addition to whales, we can also see sea lions, elephant seals, and a multitude of pelicans and seagulls flying above the lagoons. After the whale safari, we’ll have the opportunity to climb a special tower to observe these magnificent creatures from a distance, or simply take a stroll along the beach, collecting large seashells with pointed cones.

Immediately after lunch, we will get comfortable in our cars and head towards Loreto. Along the way, we will make stops at interesting places. The Mexican landscape offers vast cacti, small canyons, and secluded, breathtaking lagoons. These locations are perfect for a photo session, so ladies, prepare your hats!

Included: breakfast, excursion, overnight stay in a hotel.

The fourteenth day of the journey

We take our familiar places in our almost native cars and head towards La Paz. Along the way, we will admire the beautiful views and make photo stops in the most picturesque places. We will arrive in the city by lunchtime, check into the hotel, and go for a walk.

We will be able to wander through the streets of La Paz, visit the museums of Southern California history, or go shopping to buy souvenirs for our family and loved ones. In the evening, we will gather around the table, share our impressions, enjoy Mexican cuisine dishes, and, of course, open the Tequila bottle, as we already know very well which one we like the most!

Included: breakfast, excursion, overnight stay in a hotel.

The fifteenth day of the journey

Today we wake up early, have a quick breakfast, and head to the pier for an exciting trip on the Sea of Cortez to visit the whale sharks. We will meet our guide who will provide us with biodegradable sunscreen, help us choose wetsuits and snorkeling gear, and also tell us about the biodiversity of the Gulf of California before we set off.

In the coastal waters, besides sharks, you can also see whales, manta rays, and dolphins. The whale shark itself can weigh up to 4 tons and reach a length of 12 meters! They mainly feed on plankton and small fish. Once we arrive at the designated spot, we quickly put on our wetsuits and, following the captain’s command, dive into the water. It’s a whirlwind of incredible experiences as we try to keep up and stroke these giants or capture that dream shot. We promise that swimming side by side with whale sharks will be a memorable experience that will stay with you for a long time!

Depending on the flight schedule, in the evening or the next morning, we will provide transfer to La Paz Airport. There will be heartfelt hugs, tears of both sadness and joy, and promises of future reunions!

Included: breakfast, excursion to whale sharks, overnight stay in a hotel, transfer to the airport.

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